Trends for business optimization in 2018

There is great competition between brands, the globalized world has made it very difficult to cover a niche effectively and lasting in time. Business optimization in the digital world has become a necessity, many businesses lose profitability when trying to cover excessive online marketing strategies, lack of clarity, vision or SMART objectives.

It is clear that a digital strategy must pass to a greater or lesser extent by having presence in social networks, but can not be to be, or be in any way, but there must be a Social Media strategy aligned with the Online Strategy, to that helps to promote the values ​​that are wanted to be transmitted by the company.

Before starting to develop the Social Media Marketing Plan, it is very important that the business model is clear and defined in a strategic plan, to align the actions of marketing, brand communication and product or services, with the general objectives of the Business Model Plan. Therefore, we do not recommend starting to take any action on social networks without having previously clear the situation, characteristics and bases of the business model.

Online Marketing Trends

1. Content marketing

Content marketing is part of a company’s online marketing strategy. It is about attracting potential customers, as well as offering a solid and professional image to the current ones, through the generation and continuous publication of high quality communicative pieces, akin to the communicative codes and brand image. To achieve this, we have to be clear the goals we want to achieve through this generation of content, we must know our customers very well, be able to convey the image that is desired to project from the company, be constant, and count on deep knowledge of SEO, SEM and use of keywords.

Faced with the infinity of businesses, websites and blogs that are in the virtual space, a correct use of content marketing makes an online business visible and manages to optimize the resources invested in the marketing strategy, increasing the level of sales.

Knowing and applying trends in digital marketing is almost an obligation for business optimization found in the digital world.

2. Big Data and Business Intelligence Tools

We all live connected through the digital world, we generate and share content in very different formats of text, image, sound or video. From this great mass of data we have to subtract the important ones to know our client, monitor him and give him exactly the product or service that he wants. To do this, we must have the appropriate technological tools and data analysts that can offer us the right conclusions for decision making in the company. Currently, several software programs are being developed, such as Big HANA SAP, among others, such as We Are Testers

At present the massive generation of data is a waste of valuable information. Not all data is valuable, part of the rest is separating valuable data from non-data and knowing how to interpret this information to make the Big Data management investment profitable.

3. White Hat techniques

The hackers of “white hat”. These professionals can find any cracks in your security system. Faced with the great challenges that are being encountered in security issues in the digital world, it is good to have one of these professionals of the network, able to optimize your digital strategy and improve the security systems of your digital company.

And because they are computer experts, not only can they find cracks in the system and attack it, but they can also be used to optimize the performance of a digital company in its virtual presence.

4. Social media analytics

Social networks have long ceased to be purely social spaces. Social networks are being perfected, more and more, in their commercial strategy. They are perfect windows for our online business, dynamic spaces where to offer and to show in diverse and focused ways our products and services.

The key lies in choosing which networks and how the actions to be developed in each of these portals will be. It is necessary to understand the operation of the same ones and the publics majority in these. In addition, some offer segmentation and payment advertising options that the network itself manages and develops in a functional way.

Once we have launched our campaign, we will be able to follow up exhaustively. The social networks themselves offer us data analytics tools that will help us understand and track our current and potential customers.

5. Visual quality

Everything is design. Consumers have become very demanding about the quality of the image offered by a company. It is not something that is “pretty”, but that is functional, consistent, adapted to the brand image we want to project, as well as our target audience. Design has become an obligation, transmit quality through your images and visual content is a basic to gain the trust of customers, suppliers, partners and investors.

6. Virtual Reality Experiences

Closer to replacing real experiences, comes the Virtual Reality (VR) along with augmented reality and mixed reality. These experiences gain ground year after year to be a favorite of users, as they stimulate to the maximum the senses and arouse the interest in the marks or products. It is very difficult to forget experiences as entertaining as these virtual reality. Undoubtedly they play a very important role currently within the trends of digital marketing.

7. Payment campaigns

It is no secret that the most important social networks have detracted from its importance to organic reach, this forces us to include and optimize the budget for payment campaigns within digital marketing.

Facebook has lowered the diffusion of organic content by 15% to 2%, that is, if you do not pay, you are invisible. This forces brands to know more about their audience, to know what they like and how they like it. Investment is necessary and the segmentation of the target is correctly managed. For this reason, many brands are migrating to networks like Linkedin that does give you the exposure you deserve to quality organic content.


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